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We specialize in architectural interiors and exteriors of homes, condos, and commercial properties for Real Estate Sales and Rental.  We also provide location photography for a variety of marketing needs.  Call or email for pricing on your photography needs.

We use several different photographic techniques depending on the situation and needs of our client.  On our architectural images, one of the key advantages is our post production process of “High Dynamic Range” (HDR) photography.  No other photographer on Kauai is dedicating the needed time and effort to the HDR process like we are.

HDR uses a combination of differently exposed “film layers” put into one single image for greater dynamic range and color.  It is a tedious and time-consuming process.  The results though are vibrant images that set you apart from the rest!  Our goal is not quantity, but a quality of image that really says “Wow”.  As well, on our residential and commercial images we can swap out the sky to make it the idyllic blue with nice white puffy clouds that really helps sell the atmosphere.  Also, we will optimize the ocean color and contrast if it is in the scene, and do minor digital retouching if necessary.

Why use alohaphotodesign for your vacation rental?

Think about it…

In today’s digital market your imagery is vital in making your properties standout in the crowd.

"Without an eye-catching photo, the battle is lost before it begins", says Michael Seiler, founder and director of the Institute for Behavioral and Experimental Real Estate at Old Dominion University at Norfolk, Virginia.

In his Wall Street Journal Article, Professor Seiler cites research conducted on the eye movement of home buyers looking for properties online.

“Imagery is absolutely critical to enticing the buyer into looking at the further details of the property listing and has a direct effect on the likelihood they will enquire about the property…the quality of the photographs taken directly influences the likelihood of a lead - this becomes even more important on vacation listings and high-end real estate sales.”



Sara S. Lambson

Kala Interior Design

“Alohaphotodesign has consistently provided professional and high-quality photos of my work.  The images help to capture the vibrant colors I so often use in my interior design projects.  Gregory is a pleasure to work with and takes great pride in his work.  My business relies heavily on having great imagery of my projects to show prospective clients, and I can always count on this team to produce great results!”

Marianne Martin

Whalers Cove Resort

“We enjoy working with Gregory from Alohaphotodesign. We have been using him for several years and his images capture the beauty of our resort. Very professional and easy to work with. We look forward to working with him for many years to come.”

Andy and Becky Muxlow

VRBO Clients

“Alohaphotodesign did a phenomenal job capturing the look and feel of our Hanalei home & view!  Gregory set up the perfect angles and lighting to not only capture the inside of our home but the outside views all within the same picture.  I would highly recommend him and it has been a worthwhile investment to show our guests.”